Our webpage provides our clients and friends with private access to shared electronic folders or filing that is set up specifically for their matters. The electronic folders allow the client and the IPG to independently scan and upload to a private web page documents or files so as to provide easy on-line access to the key information concerning a matter in electronic format.

In order to insure confidentiality, each matter is assigned a User ID and password which operate as a key that allows the client or certain designated individuals to access the electronic files. These electronic file folders are particularly useful in large transactions where there are a number of individuals that require access to documents to facilitate the due diligence process and litigated matters where there are a number of attorneys working together on a matter located in numerous different locations. The electronic file drawers allow the authorized users real time simultaneous access to a shared inventory of materials.


Upload Files
Please Upload your files, if they are more than 30mg please use alternative sources, or contact us for more information.